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Creating beautiful pieces as unique as your fingerprint to commemorate your special journey.


How I Got Here

Breastfeeding was something I never knew I was going to have to put so much work into. In fact I never knew I was going to have to “work” at it at all. But that is exactly what I had to do. So with this came a lot of challenges- so when I first heard of “breastmilk jewelry” I knew it was something I wanted as a keepsake to remember all the time, effort, tears, and even pain that went into it. But, boy oh boy, was I surprised by the cost. I mean come on people, I just had a baby! We’re all broke, right? These tiny humans are expensive. So as you have probably figured out by now, I went to work trying to learn how to make it originally just for myself. I experimented around with dozens of recipes for months until I came up with the exact “formula” I felt comfortable in producing a keepsake to last forever.

My next mission was to then learn how to make it affordable for other moms so that they could have a piece of their journey preserved forever as well. That is when Preservations Creations began!

So now I am having fun doing it and am LOVING the reaction that I see and hear when customers first hold their pieces. I have never been as satisfied as I am today and thank each and every customer for trusting me with your precious inclusion.



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Beverage Mug and a Laptop
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