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Stacking Ring

Stacking Ring

This sterling silver ring can feature a 3,4,5, or 6mm center stone. You can stack up 4 rings with any combination. Your choice of inclusion such as breast milk, ashes, umbilicial cord, flowers and more. This ring style has a beautiful 14g band in either the beaded or plain style. ***Please note this price is only for ONE ring.*** You must select multiple rings for the combination you would like.


Create an even more custom look by adding shimmer, color tinting, or iridescent flakes.


Please note: We strongly recommend going to your local jeweler and getting your finger sized based on the thickness of band you are purchasing.


You will be emailed a copy of instructions on how to send your own inclusions. For more answers to commonly asked questions please check our FAQ's page.


    Note: Because your breast milk is unique to you, your jewelry's "stone's" color may vary from the picture shown. Your jewelry will naturally be the color of your breast milk. Swirls and dots may naturally occur due to the unique nature of breast milk. ​

    Material: Sterling Silver

    Size of Stone: 3, 4, 5, or 6mm

    Band Thickness: 14g


    Due to the fact that each piece is indiviudally crafted for you, we are unable to offer returns. 


    We do ship internationally however outside of the United States additional shipping charges will apply. You are responsible for knowing if your country allows the shipment of your inclusion. 

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